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Main Customizer


Please note:

The Customizer is still being Worked on.
Any Assets you can't set yet won't be missing ingame since you will put the Customized Pack over the Main Pack.
I am going to add more and more Blocks/Items/Features over time so don't worry.

Also note:

The Color-Picker Tool is not available yet.
It will be added in a later update.
For now im only concentrating on making the important parts work.

Customizer Icon explaination:

When going around the Sections you will notice Icons after the Section name appear/change depending on your Actions.
The Icons help you not lose track while customizing your Pack in the following ways:

You have opened the Section.

This Section has not been opened yet.

An Option other than None has been set in this Section.

The None Option is selected.
The Section will be left empty.