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Traditional to Mojang's Default

Do you know that feel when trying a resourcepack only to notice that you cant seem to figure out what block is what compared to when using Default? Luckily this wont happen with this resourcepack since it is supposed to look identical to Default, with the added bonus of more detail.


Completely change the look of the Resourcepack in the way you want it to be, with multiple options you can modify Items, Blocks, Menu's aswell as simple things like the Grass/Foliage Color.

Custom Block Models

Custom Block models modify the style of certain blocks to give them even more detail.
For example a snowy variant for the Mycelium and Podzol Blocks, instead of all them using the same snowy side Texture.


All the Features listed below here require a additional modification (mod) called Optifine to work.

Works well with Shaders

The Resourcepack works very well with basicially all known Shaders, featuring rich colors and beautiful detail when combined with the Resourcepack. Mobs, Items and the Environment all will still look beautiful with or without Shaders.

Connected Textures Mod (CTM)

The Connected Textures Mod makes multiple blocks have random variations or connected with each other, making terrain and builds look even more great!

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