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Some Textures were originally made by Affinite.

Following Assets were used:
Old Stone, Cobblestone, Old Ores, Mossy Cobblestone, Planks, Ice, Leaves, Plants, Stone Bricks and other various Textures.

Topic: Affintes Faithful 64x


Special thanks to JadenPete for creating an 3D Model Fix for the Ladders when they were used with the CTM Addon.

Forum Response: MC-Forum Comment

Misur / Miguel G.

He helped me with a lot of the Textures, either pointing out errors or giving helpful advice.
Sadly he quit the Minecraft scene so im unable to link his Resourcepack or Profile, due to these being gone due to inactivity.

Hope you are doing well!

Kristoffer Zetterstrand

For the original Paintings.

His Website:


His Idea of making a Faithful Resourcepack is basicially what let me discover the idea of taking the Default Textures and improve their detail.

His Resourcepack: MC-Forum Thread


Created the Special Wood Texture used in the Smooth Wood Addon, certain GUI's and the Menu Background.

Resourcepack Post: MC-Forum Thread


Created the Water Texture/Animation as well as the Grass Top Texture.

Resourcepack Post: MC-Forum Thread

Helpful People giving constructive criticism

Thanks to everyone who took his time to respond with either a helpful comment, praise or even have gone so far to donate Money for my Work or submit selfmade textures!

I Honestly just can thank everyone so much for and keep doing what I like; Making this Resourcepack! :)

Thanks so much!


Affinite's Assets

Affinite allowed me the usage of his Textures after asking in a PM on MC-Forum.

PM Response:

Terms of Use

Can I use your RP in a Video?

Sure! :)

A Link to either this Website or the MC-Forum/Planet-MC Thread would be nice though.

Can I monetize Videos using your RP?

Sure go ahead!

A Link to either this Website or the MC-Forum/Planet-MC Thread should be added though.

Can I reupload your RP?

No. If you made a edited Version try taking out unchanged Assets and make your own Addon people can download.
Not only do you save File-Space, but also make updating easier for your Fans for example.

Can I take a few Assets?

As long as you arent taking too much from the Pack its all good.
A Link to either this Website or the MC-Forum/Planet-MC Thread should be added though.

Can I post monetized Links?

Sure, if you make YT-Videos/Let's Plays/Streams etc. and you link to either this Website
or my MC-Forum/Planet-MC Thread you are allowed to use monetized Links.

Keep it clean though! Don't use malicious monetizer Services that try to pass around Viruses/Surveys or such.

Can I post Version-Download-Links?

You should just post a Link to the Downloads Page/Section, instead of a single Link, that allows your Fans to either get a Download for their Version, or once a new Update comes out easily pick the newest Update, instead of using a possibly outdated Link.

Besides, that way you have less work, since you dont need to find out the newest Link each time! :P

Can I use monetize Links for my Mod/Map that has Assets from this RP?


But only if you arent using too many Assets, for special situations either PM me on MC-Forum or Planet-MC.

But! But...

Im generally really open for other Content Creators so if you are in a special situation feel free to PM me on MC-Forum/Planet-MC and Ill see what we can do. :P