A Minecraft Resourcepack that stays faithful
to the original art style of Mojang's Minecraft Default Style,
while having an own touch of Beauty.


Steven's Traditional...

This Resourcepack is a 64x64 Resourcepack which uses the well known "Faithful" approach of taking Mojang's Ideas or Style for Textures and redo them in a much higher quality.
However this Resourcepack does not only supply the usual Textures but also features an this Website where you will see Changelogs for every Version aswell as direct download Links without an annoying Advertisement Link or similar redirections, a Feature list, a Customizer where you can create own Addon Packs which change the GUI Textures or change Block and Item Textures.

Certain Mods are also supported like Optifine's CTM Feature which is used a lot in this Pack, having various Blocks Connected or have random Variants to make it more interesting, there also is a Feature page where you easily can see what this Pack has to offer.

Is similar to Default but better!

On this Website...

You can find Information about my Resourcepack like the List of Features, the Downloads with a useful Changelog listing all new changes for each Version and you also can find Screenshots and other Media as well as the Credits and Usage Guidelines.

And also, for everyone who is a fan of a Light Theme, you can use the Sun/Moon Button on the top to switch to a Light Theme or Dark Theme.

you can find lots of Information!

Most Info you are looking for should be easily found on this neat little Website.

Quite handy isnt it?

Feel free to check out some of the pages below!
(The links will open in a new tab for your quick view convenience.)

Here are all Pages you can find:

Join our Discord Community!

We also have a Discord Server you can join to talk with other People who also use this Resource pack and have a nice chat.

Here you also can feel free share Screenshots of your Builds you made and maybe see them on this website's Media section or you can ask questions regarding the Resource pack or use self assignable roles to get notified where there is new Information about updates.

Fast Updates!

Waiting sucks.

Especially when you are hyped to enjoy the newest update.
Luckily I often play the Game myself so the waiting time wont be too long since I often get started on updating the pack once there is a new version.

Craft your own Menu Interface...

With the GUI Customizer!

Often you download a Resource pack but feel like the Interface isn't really what you want, sure it can happen, everyone has his own taste in terms of Colors,Style or Theme.

That's why you can create your own Custom Interface, change up the Boxes, the Shading, the Background and many more useful Options!

We also have some see-through Interface Options for everyone who wants the edge at PVP by being able to see what happens even when taking a peek inside a chest or when crafting!

For everyone who loves the plain gray Interface you can also find that one in the presets as well, simply visit the GUI Customizer and get started!

Try out some of the premade options:

Make it yours

With no big hassle!

This Resourcepack has a large amount of Addons/Modification-Packs you can choose from if certain things aren't exactly to your liking or if you want to spruce things up.

I also often take User-requests for certain things and try to make them possible so if there is a thing you really would like to have added go tell me and i'll see what i can do!

Also this website features a easy to use customizer where you are able to pick your own Textures easily
without having to manually put files together, just select the wanted textures, tick the options you want and get a easy to download pack to use inside Minecraft.

Useful Website Features


This Pack has Changelogs for people who need to keep up if certain stuff has been changed. You can find the Changelog on the Download page for each selected Version usually.

Screenshots and Media

If you are looking for Screenshots of the Resourcepack or other Media you can find it on the Media Page.

If you submit Images on the Discord linked at the top you might even find your screenshots here aswell!

And other useful things!

Legacy Support

If you want to use a older Minecraft version, let it be for Nostalgia or for Modding reasons you can find very old Downloads on the Legacy Support Page.

Credits and Permissions

This Pack uses some Textures from other Artists who allowed such usage. If you want to know where I got what you can find that out at the Credits & Permissions Page.

You can also find the Terms of Usage there if you need to read them.

Where can I find the Downloads?

Well let me take you to the Downloads Page right away!